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Stomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing Surgery (SIPS)

SIPS is a revolutionary new procedure combines both the malabsorptive and restrictive approach for long-term weight loss. New Hope Surgical now offers the SIPS bariatric procedure in Chicago.
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What is SIPS?

How does it work

The SIPS procedure involves the removal of the outer curvature of the stomach (restrictive component) and rerouting of the intestines (malabsorptive component). This dual combination helps patients eat less and absorb fewer calories. SIPS is generally reserved for individuals with higher BMIs as it allows 60-85% excess weight loss after only 18 months. Weight loss, as a result of the SIPS procedure, has been shown to treat type II diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma, and heart disease.

Quick facts about SIPS

Reserved for 50+ BMI
May soon replace Gastric Bypass
Effective Remission of Type 2 diabetes
No Long Term Studies Available
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