OverStitch Bariatric Revision

The new OverStitch revision procedure may help if you have had prior bariatric surgery and now are regaining weight. New Hope Surgical is offering the new OverStitch procedure in Chicago.

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Your information is transmitted privately and securely using encryption.

What is the OverStitch Bariatric Procedure?

The OverStitch revision procedure performed endoscopically. It is designed to repair prior bariatric surgery such as the gastric bypass. This new minimally invasive option helps reduce the size of an enlarged stomach outlet that may occur due to stretching. Stitches are placed endoscopically to reduce the size of the enlarged outlet of your stomach may help achieve better weight loss results. The advantages of OverStitch vs. traditional revision surgery include no additional incisions, quicker recovery, and lower post-operative pain and infection risk.

Quick Facts
About the OverStitch

Quick Facts About the OverStitch

  • Revision for bariatric surgery
  • Performed endoscopically – No scar
  • Incisionless
  • Typical procedure under 1 hour
  • Most patient may go home same day after procedure

OverStitch Success Tip:

A monthly follow-up is an essential part of your successful long-term weight loss. Schedule a follow-up consultation at our Chicagoland location.